This is my first EVER half marathon to run!

*I’m not trying to be the fastest. I am just trying to finish.*

I only have 1 month before the race, and I have been slowly training for the last couple of months. Sickness hit my house pretty hard, and we were basically out of commission for a month. So, now I’m trying to jump back into it! (And my half-marathon race and results are at the end)

Since I work out 3 times a week at the gym, my goal is to run on the other days and give myself Sundays to rest.

(I would like to say that I don’t think I trained enough for this half-marathon due to sickness that hit my kids and a back injury that hit me. 15 days is not enough to be truly ready… but I went ahead and ran anyway. And I’m so glad that I did!)

My Half-Maraton Finish

A look at the race mile by mile…

Mile 1-4 = excitement/everything’s new

Mile 5-7 = felt nothing/maybe runners high? Just felt good (stopped for stretching and had a salted caramel gel for fuel.

Mile 8-10 = Body started hurting

Mile 10-12 = intervals got harder/knee and foot pain (stopped for pickle shots and stretching)

Mile 13 = Boost in mood/excited to finish

Half Marathon ✔️💪😎