Binders and Papers and Pencils, OH MY!

It was a day like any other. I was just minding my own business, enjoying my summer break when my daughter uttered the most discouraging sentence, “Mom, it’s almost time for school to start back.” I stopped dead in my tracks, gave her a look of disapproval that would have had to be seen in order to be believed and quickly reminded her that July had just started. Why in the world would she utter those dreaded words, school and start, together?!

As soon as it escaped her lips, I mentally went to a place where I could literally smell sharpened pencils and packages of looseleaf paper. I broke out into a sweat as I thought of the countless back to school meetings, the early mornings filled with cranky kids that don’t want to wake up, and the heat of the August sun. It was too much for me to bear on July 1st.

I shook myself and returned to my recliner to let my blood pressure return to normal and remind myself, “She’s wrong. We have a month and a half, and I refuse to lose my free time dreading the inevitable.”

Now, I know that this may sound weird coming from me. You might be thinking, “She’s a teacher. Shouldn’t she LOVE her job?!” And the answer to that simple question is,

“Yes. I absolutely love my job.”

But I don’t know of any person that wants their vacation time to end.

Summer, for teachers, is a time to focus on our own children. Between August and May, unfortunately, they sometimes land on the backburner. I say that with an incredible amount of guilt, but it is true, nonetheless. The days are long, the job can be stressful, and homework, projects, and tests consume most of the “family time”.

Summer is an escape from that grind. We love to travel, and we try to do as much of that as we can. Curfew goes out the window and late mornings are the norm. It is wonderful!

A family of 5 standing on the beach wearing white t-shirts and jeans.

But since school is starting back, not just for teachers but for students and parents, I would like to focus on some of the great things that we do look forward to!

Meeting new people is always a perk of the “back to school” bustle. We know that students are probably nervous about their new teachers and classes, but teachers have the same trepidation. “I hope they like my class. I hope they are kind and courteous. I hope we have a great year.” The first two to three weeks of school are full of questions and adjustments, but then things begin to settle.

And by settle, I mean that we get to start enjoying the extracurriculars. I teach choir, as well as Spanish, so I immediately begin getting students ready for our Christmas concert. Hearing these students harmonize, work together, and sing solos is not only fun, but quite emotional. Music has a way of moving people like nothing else can. And being able to provide that to our student body is priceless!

A school choir standing on a stage wearing black shirts and jeans.

And nothing screams BACK TO SCHOOL in the Fall quite like FOOTBALL!

A high school football players on the field.

Those Friday night lights shine bright! The dance team sparkling during half-time, the cheerleaders keeping you pumped as the clock ticks away, and of course, the players providing local entertainment of impossible catches, quick sprints for extra yards, and touchdowns that bring screams and cheers from a family filled stadium. It just can’t be beat!

Two cheerleaders wearing blue and gold uniforms performing a chearleading stunt.

Homecoming dress-up days, dances, club meetings, and more fill our days and our hearts. When I think of that, the tension in my body begins to ease and I’m reminded of why I got into education in the first place. I do it for the kids. I do it so that I can see them succeed in the classroom and on the field or court.

A dark-haired teenager wearing a homecoming crown and a pink dress.

While I am sad that my “free time” is rapidly approaching an end, it is quickly changing into anticipation at what the next new school year will bring.

So, bring on the 5-tab dividers, the neon highlighters, and 3-ring binders! I’m ready to fill those items up and be filled by those that possess them.

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  1. I homeschool my kids but can totally relate to having to plan their lessons and buy supplies even though I am on break…that and my husband is a teacher. I love how you are looking forward to it all too at the same time!

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