Girl You Better… A Poem

Writing is an avenue in which I can impart information in a format that I’m both comfortable with and enjoy. Even more specifically, I love to write poetry and hide nuggets of truth in them that the reader can interpret and decipher in whatever way they deem fit. “Girl, You Better… A Poem”, does just that.

As a woman myself, a sister to an amazing lady, an aunt to two beautiful nieces, and the mother of a wonderful daughter, the female experience and perspective is one that I know that I can speak to.

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The following poem has many inspirations.

It would be incorrect to assume that every writing is completely personal when there is a wealth of information around us. “Girl You Better… A Poem”, is about an experience not a single person.

If there’s one common thread running throughout this poem, besides the actions that the girl needs to perform, it would be to have awareness of the motives of the “other person/people.”

It is challenging and heartbreaking to think that we have to constantly worry about whether or not people have good intentions with our hearts, emotions, etc… That when they offer advice and direction, they truly stand to gain nothing but only see you succeed. There are people in this world that are pure in their intentions. I’m not jaded enough to believe that they don’t exist. Thankfully, my life has plenty of those people.

But I am also painfully aware that there are also multitudes of people that will direct and celebrate your ruin for their own gain. What makes it even more devastating is that they will veil their intentions with words of “concern”, actions of “comfort”, and promises of “success”. To the young, naive, and untrained ear, all sounds well. But it is not.

The following poem is a warning. Not to create distrust in the reader, but to at least make it known that these situations exist and you will likely encounter them at some point. With that awareness, you can prepare your heart to decipher and digest what could be a devastating blow. But with prior knowledge it doesn’t have to be. Knowledge is power. You can recognize “things” or as the scripture says, “…try the spirits whether they are of God…” (1 John 4:1)

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girl, you better… a poem

Girl, you better RUN

A woman running on black top in sneakers.

From anyone that ties you down and claims that they have won.

Girl, you better FLEE

Woman standing in a business meeting realizing that she's made a mistake.

From the big ‘ole room of compromise they call missed opportunity.

Girl, you better GO

Sad girl with a group of gossiping teens behind her.

From the table that you are sitting at beside a “friendly” foe.

Girl, you better LEAP

Woman sitting with her hands running through her hair.

Over every hurtful word that’s thrown, don’t allow to seep.

Girl, you better KNOW

A group of 5 women smiling and hugging each other.

Those that love you for you and not just for a show.

Girl, you better SIT

A woman praying with a Bible in her lap.

Daily at the feet of Jesus so that you can handle it.

Girl, you better STAY

Group of friends making silly faces while laying on the ground.

In the company of people that will not make you pay.

Girl, you better SEE

A woman walking towards water at dusk holding a string of lights.

The lovely world around you and the truth that you are free.

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