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Be inspired on A Walk with God

So, I did a thing. I decided to start a devotional series called, “A Walk with God”. My reasons for doing this are quite numerous and I’m going to try and explain what was on my heart. With tons of data to support a strong correlation between exercise, meditation, prayer, nature, and excellent mental health, calm, happiness, etc… it was a no brainer. I had also discovered this winning combination a few years ago during a time in my life that I was struggling. And when life gets tough, I seem to always go back to what worked. Spending time talking to God ALWAYS works, but doing that while walking in nature, immersed by all the things that He has made, takes it to another level. I hope that you join me and can be inspired on A Walk with God.

A woman taking a walk with God in a yard covered in leaves.

why walk?

Research shows that walking can do everything from lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of chronic diseases to making your brain sharper and your heart happier. Walking is such an easy thing to do that people at all fitness levels can incorporate it into their routines. It has amazing benefits from supporting a healthy immune system to increasing your metabolism to strengthening your joints, muscles, and bones. Also, it’s wonderful for stress relief and enjoying some alone time (Which we all certainly need!)

Research also shows something else crazy! Walking regularly changes your nervous system so much that you experience a decrease in anger and hostility. That’s insane, right? (There are a few people that I would like to tell to … take a hike. LITERALLY! (Ha ha) It would do them some good.

A woman walking outside wearing a leopard print shirt.

This next benefit might seem carnal to those of you on my page looking at this as a devotion situation, and it most certainly is that. But I’m commanded to take care of my temple. Temple = body. God gave us one body in order to live for him in and to do His will and we are supposed to treat it well. Walking regularly helps to reduce fat and improve our bodies response to insulin. It burns extra calories and prevents muscle loss. And if you need a number to reference, try to get 10,000 steps a day. And try to make your daily walk 30 minutes.

I could seriously go on and on about the health benefits because there are just SO MANY. But I’ll stop for now. (LOL)

why walk outside in nature?

We know that just walking for a minimum of 10 minutes can start having a positive effect on your mental state. But guess what? Make that 10-minute walk in some greenery (woods, park, etc…) and that effect is even greater! Let’s talk about why this walk needs to be outside.

Nature is a good mood booster.

Nature reduces stress. Taking a walk in green spaces and spending time outside reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone. Breathing fresh air and hearing the sounds of nature is super calming. The results are so staggering that doctor’s actually prescribe “nature time” to their patients.

A woman smirking as she walks outside wearing a black and white plaid shirt.

Nature makes you feel connected. Being in nature creates feelings of empathy, love, and belonging. It’s no wonder that when those feelings grow inside of you, that they bleed into your relationships. You begin to see yourself not as isolated but as a part of greater things.

Nature improves creativity and problem solving. Just taking time to dwell on something and discuss it opens your eyes to different solutions for your dilemma.

Nature protects against depression and offers hope. Studies show that people who live in spaces with lots of greenery tend to be more hopeful. I have my own theory about why that is. When you are walking with God every day in nature, you begin to see some things. For example: The sun always rises. It doesn’t matter how bad the previous day was or what went wrong. The sunrise is something that you can count on. And if you’ve continued this journey through changing seasons, you are able to see that everything works together for the good. I feel the hope in nature because it reminds me that God is in control. Nothing lasts forever. Change isn’t a bad thing. And that life goes on.

why talk?

In a world that preaches “meditation” and don’t get me wrong, quiet time has its place, it is also important to talk it out. And who better to talk it out with than God? Talking is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and engage in different thoughts and emotions.

Talking relieves stress. It helps you to get out into the open the things that are weighing heavily on your heart. It gives those deep emotions and thoughts a voice.

Talking builds strong relationships. And isn’t that the ultimate goal? We want to strengthen our relationship with God. Communication is key. When we talk out our frustrations, problems, hopes, dreams, fears, etc… we invite God into the situation and request his perspective. God can help us see the bigger picture and beyond our current status.

A woman smiling and laughing as she takes a walk with God. She is wearing a gray sweater with black stars.

how does it work?

It really is a simple concept. Every day I go on a 1 mile walk and talk about something on my heart. I don’t think about what I’m going to say beforehand, I just grab my phone, go outside, start filming and whatever comes out is recorded.
Once I am finished with my devotion with you and turn the camera off, I continue the conversation with God and complete my mile. I aim to do 2 miles a day and so the idea is that the second mile is alone time for me and God. The first mile is establishing the thought for the day.

This routine helps me to make daily time with God a priority and I can get some exercise in while I’m at it. I’m actually doing something good for my mental, spiritual, and physical state all at the same time. It can’t get any better than that! Plus, I’ve invited you to join me for these moments in the hopes that you will also start your health journey and relationship with God.

Grab your earbuds and join me by clicking the link and don’t forget to subscribe!

what about the music?

Once I’ve finished recording my walk and I’ve finished my prayer time, it’s time to edit the video and put it on my channel for you to see. A big part of that for me is adding music to the end of my video that promotes the discussion that we had for the day. Sometimes I immediately know the perfect song to accompany my thoughts while other times I have to search for just the right fit.

Either way, the point of the music is to give you something to listen to, meditate to, and pray with as you continue to walk. Plus, I thought it may expose you to some songs/artists that you had never heard before.

pin it for later:

What about the scenery?

Well, in my devotion series the only thing you are going to be seeing is my yard, driveway, and porch. While I do live in the middle of nowhere and in the woods, walking down my gravel road isn’t the safest thing to do.

We live in the middle of a couple of hunting leases and so there are tons of hunters going up and down our road during this season. Also, our road is a connecting road between two highways and log trucks use it to transport their goods. So, our little gravel road sees a lot of traffic and they don’t drive slowly, if you know what I mean. In the warmer months when the yard isn’t soaking wet and covered in soggy leaves, I will walk closer to the Woodline to give you a better view. (The potholes in our driveway aren’t anything to write home about.)

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i hope that you join me and drop me a comment below!

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