How to fix the Saul in Me

In my adult Sunday School Class at church, we have been doing an in-depth study of the Kings and Prophets of the Children of Israel in the Old Testament. In our journey, we have made some convicting observations. Even though these people existed in times way before our own, we have so much in common with them. It didn’t take long for us to recognize the similarities between human thought and behavior thousands of years ago and its inevitable repeat in 2022. We are still in the early stages of our study, having only just went through the death of Solomon. But I would like to refer to King Saul in a poem that acknowledges the faults of all mankind and conclude with how to fix the Saul in me and you.

let me read it to you here!

how to fix the saul in me – poem

A people lost and requesting change.

God wasn’t pleased, their request was strange.

The motive of the heart was wrong,

“Give us a king, it will make us strong!

Your prophets can’t control their sons,

We want to be like the other ones.

The other nations have a man.

His look is rich and in command.

We want to be just like them,

Our request God, please don’t condemn.”

Head and shoulders above them all.

He was chosen, handsome and tall.

A natural leader, he appeared.

His heart was hidden but not yet seared.

At first he began with trembling fear.

Hiding, his discomfort was clear.

But so was God, when He said,

“Here’s the man by whom you’re led.”

Picture of Samuel and Saul where he is anointed King of Israel.

The crowd excited began to cheer.

A shout of victory, a new frontier.

“We now have what we need,

A valiant leader in appearance indeed!”

Saul’s faults would soon appear.

He crumbles when the enemy is near.

He can’t wait for Samuel to come.

“I’ll do it myself, I’ll be the one.

To sacrifice unto the Lord.

I need His hand, I need a word.”

Saul sinning by offering the sacrifice that Samuel was supposed to do.

And so Saul does what he thought best.

But soon God’s anger would manifest.

“The kingdom under you won’t succeed.

You won’t obey in word or deed.

You take matters into your hand.

You’re not stable, like shifting sand.

And so I tell you here today,

Your throne will end. Your heirs will pay.”

And as if this, wasn’t enough,

Saul’s disobedience would prove him tough.

A hardened heart that wasn’t toward God.

His pride was great, God’s patience he’d prod.

Over and over God’s command he ignored.

The Book of Samuel would record.

He then pursued God’s next great choice.

To him, David, was an anointed voice.

A man that reminded him of what he lacked.

A heart towards God, that was heaven backed.

Saul trying to throw a spear at David.

He spent his life trying to kill,

A person willing to do God’s will.

I see a Saul living in me.

When I choose my own way to be.

When I don’t, stop and I don’t ask,

For God’s way, to light my path.

I rush around to meet success.

Ignoring my heart that’s in distress.

The carnal man running wild and free.

The spiritual one tamed inside of me.

A man with a desk full of paperwork and his head is in his hands.

I justify my wrong to right.

And change commands in my sight.

“I heard God wrong, my way makes sense!”

Soothing conscience with my defense.

I need to know, I need to see

How to fix the Saul in me.

How to regain my tender heart.

And quickly return to my humble start.

A woman looking up with a single tear streaming down her face.

Pride like Saul’s, is not new.

I daily see it, in me and you.

When I control and when I possess.

And ignore God’s right process.

When I envy my neighbor dear,

And sin willingly without a tear.

A man in a business suit pushing over a ladder with another person climbing it.

I must change. I must now return.

And let the Holy Ghost in me burn.

Burn away the filth and stain.

Let this weary woman try again.

A woman looking out into the ocean with her arms outstretched.

I will repent and follow close.

I’ll read God’s word and sin expose.

Faithful, humble, loving, kind,

These words will be friends of mine.

Daily I will pursue and ask,

The question will become my life long task.

“God, show me how and let me see,

How to fix the Saul in me.”

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