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Gather Again… A Thanksgiving Poem

Every year the local magazine I write for reaches out to me specifically for a Thanksgiving article. There is so much to write about, giving thanks, family, food, games, etc… the list is truly endless but this year I wanted to go in a different direction. When Brooklyn text me for an article, I told her that I was feeling a poem this year. Thankfully she says “GREAT!” to anything and everything I want to write. Once I decided that the poem was the way to go it didn’t take but a few minutes for the words to start flowing. It’s easy to write about things that mean so much to you. I titled the poem, Gather Again… A Thanksgiving Poem and it’s pretty personal.

Papaw with his three grandkids.

You see, I live in Louisiana but almost all of the rest of my family live in other states. Specifically, my mom and one brother live in Dallas, my sister lives in Arkansas, and another brother of mine lives in Colorado. So, we are pretty spread out. Because of the distance, hectic work schedules, and family obligations of our own, we don’t get together very often. We manage a couple of times a year. At the beginning of Summer, we try to do a canoeing trip or come to my house for grilling and the pool. After that, Thanksgiving is really all that’s left.

A mother with her 5 children gathered together.

As I’ve gotten older, Thanksgiving has taken on much more of a meaning than I ever thought it would. While Christmas is all about the kids in our lives and staying home (at least for us), Thanksgiving is about extended family and this overwhelming pride of togetherness. It’s worth the extra effort to drive. It’s worth the extra money to get all the food prepared just right. And it’s worth every. single. ounce. of energy that it takes to pull it off.

I wrote this article long before I even knew that I would be travelling to Texas this year.

(For the past several years everyone has come to my house for the entire weekend.) We wanted to do something a little bit different and rent a house in between all of us that would have to drive and unfortunately it fell through. By the end of the whole planning ordeal, I basically said “Let’s just forget it. Mom, I’m driving out to spend Thanksgiving at your house.” You see, I haven’t seen my mom since I last visited in July. My visit is LONG OVERDUE! We leave tomorrow and are so excited! Not everyone will get to attend, but we will make the most of the opportunity together for those that do.

Wife, husband, and kids in a car driving to gather with family again.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the poem and that you can relate in some way. Maybe you have a special relative that makes a specific dish that you love. Perhaps you are having to drive long hours just to get there. Maybe a thousand things flood your heart and mind when you walk in that door. But I want you to take it all in. It won’t always be like this. As time passes, so do the people who are MOST valuable in your life. So, whatever you do, make a point to GATHER AGAIN.

gather again… A thanksgiving poem

Make the plans and make the calls,

try to get everyone involved.

Pull out your grandma’s recipe book,

Open it up and have a look.

Remember, alone you should not remain, It’s the time of year to gather again.

A sister and brother cooking and laughing in the kitchen.

Assign the cakes, pies, and treats,

to the one that eats all the sweets.

Give the corn casserole side,

to your niece to make with pride.

Your brother elevated the green bean dish,

With fresh mushrooms and sauce. It is delicious!

Let others shine and greatness attain, It’s the time of year to gather again.

Collage of friends gathering on  Thanksgiving backdrop.

You’ve ordered the Cajun turkey and ham,

through the Fundraiser helping Mrs. Pam.

The rolls are best when they rise overnight,

Fluffy, like clouds of buttery delight.

The dressing is the main dish to me,

I’ve practiced and practiced getting it right, you’ll see.

And all the negative comments from which we’ll refrain, It’s the time of year to gather again.

Get the guest rooms ready and neat,

Cleaning pillows and washing the sheets.

Look for board games and grab lots of dice,

Get pencils and paper, enough to suffice.

Light up the candles that smell like the Fall,

Cinnamon, apples, caramel, and all.

An appreciation of joy we’ll regain, It’s the time of year to gather again.

A girl and boy play checkers.

Get some firewood stacked really tall,

For a bonfire outside, that will warm us all.

Apple cider in the kitchen and hot,

Sipping together, chatting about whatnot.

Stories of old that bring lots of laughs,

Memories shared of times in the past.

Our hearts become full, with so much to retain, It’s the time of year to gather again.

Surrounded by family, friends, and the like.

Go out in nature for a peaceful hike.

Sit on the porch and rock in the chairs,

Let the cool breeze blow away all of your cares.

Cups of coffee and faces with smiles,

The holiday is worth driving the miles.

Take a bus, a plane, or even a train. It’s the time of year to gather again.

A family photo underneath a Christmas tree.

Don’t let anything stop your attendance,

Work isn’t worth missing your presence.

Money won’t fix the lonely days and nights,

Only loving companions will make it right.

A time of fun, peace, and gratitude,

Being thankful and surrounded by food.

Make it this year and join your kin. It’s the time of year to gather again.

Siblings acting silly in a family photo.

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